Hello & Welcome to Divine Art Spark! I am Nancy Ireland.

Here you will find a portfolio of my creations. In my journey, I have traversed many an artistic medium. Having a creative outlet is a must for me and my heart and soul are invested in everything I make.

It is my personal belief that we are all artists and the Divine works through us as we create our own unique soul’s song. As Julia Cameron once said: “All of us contain a divine expressive spark, a creative candle intended to light our path and those of our fellows.” My greatest happiness comes from knowing that something I have been privileged to create brings joy to others.

The common thread among all of my pieces is a dedication to using only exquisite, luxurious materials. In my travels around the world I collected trinkets and treasures, many of which have found their way into my exclusive one­‐of­‐a­‐kind creations.

I hope you enjoy perusing my portfolio. Much of what you see there has been sold but I invite you to explore my Etsy shop for current offerings!

Messages In A Bottle

These wonderful gift items are created with attention to detail and use hand dyed silk ribbon with glitter accents, unique beads, and beautiful art paper. Each bottle is 4 1/2 inches in height and 1 inch in diameter. Every one is unique and conveys either a sentiment, words of encouragement, or expressions of love.

Messages In A Bottle Portfolio

Dream Catchers

DivineArtSpark dream catchers are made using luxury yarns and gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbons. Most are adorned with crystals, beads, and pendants. I have had the honor of creating custom pieces for weddings and nurseries.

Dream Catchers Portfolio

Pandora's Box

What better place to store the unexpected than a repurposed cigar box! The exterior is embellished with beautiful art papers, vintage postcards, personal photos, snippets of kimonos and velvet, antique jewelry, and of course, knobs and pulls to open the boxes. Inside are notes of encouragement and love for the heart and soul. After all, we all need those reminders, don’t we?

Pandora’s Boxes Portfolio


I adore embellishing muslin cloth dolls. Each one is unique with a character all its own. I dress them up with beautiful fabrics, trims, crystals and beads. Often it takes days to make them and by the time they are complete each one has a piece of my heart and soul.

Dolly Portfolio


Perhaps of all of my creative endeavors designing clothing was the most rewarding. I loved interacting with my clients and after assessing their needs, spending days in fabric warehouses scouring through bolts of fabrics to find the perfect materials to fashion ensembles for their travels and special events. My talented team of seamstresses, weavers, and knitters made my visions a reality. What a joy it was to see my clients’ faces when they saw pieces created just for them!

Clothing Portfolio

Heart And Soul Beads

Heart and Soul Beads are my unique, modern day version of a mala. Malas have been used for centuries in different spiritual traditions to assist with prayer, reflection, and meditation. What makes these prayer beads unique is that the beads can be slid along the cord with the setting of an intention. Each set is made using beautiful beads that I have collected in my travels across the globe.

Heart and Soul Beads Portfolio


My love for the delicate scent of lavender led me to purchasing a bundle. This begged the question, “Now what am I going to do with all of these lavender buds?” Aha-­‐ sachets! Not your ordinary sachets but rather ones that incorporate scrumptious velvets and hand dyed silk ribbons. Add to that feathers and beads and voila-­‐ the sachet has become a tiny work of art!

Sachet Portfolio

Sage Bundles

Nowadays burning sage is the rage but traditionally, the smudging ceremony was used by Native American and other indigenous cultures to purify the body, mind, spirit, and home. Divine Art Spark sage bundles are beautifully embellished with gemstones and feathers and are wrapped in Pendleton fabric. Each bundle comes with its own muslin bag stamped with a feather and arrow lightly dusted with glitter.

Sage Bundle Portfolio


Years ago, as part of my spiritual practice, I enjoyed journaling and writing poetry. Finding no journals I was drawn to, I began to create unique, whimsical ones to hold my sacred thoughts and feelings.

Journals Portfolio


Every piece of jewelry I create is one-of-a-kind. For years I created custom pieces for clients; now my preference is to fashion pieces with a bohemian yet sophisticated flair.

Jewelry Portfolio


Born out of the desire to have a small lightweight bag to carry just the essentials are Divine Art Spark’s bags. Each bag is crafted from designer upholstery fabrics and exquisite trims. Perfect for a night out on the town.

Bags Portfolio

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