As a young child I would spend hours foraging through my mother’s jewelry in search of special treasures. I was fascinated by anything that sparkled and I would hold it up to the sunlight and watch it cast rainbows of color throughout the room.

Not much has changed since my younger years. I am still captivated by the light: the Light within you, the Light within me, the reflection of that Light in the world. Everything that I create lovingly with my hands is an outward expression of my spiritual connection to the Universe.

My process is this: I surround myself with exquisite silk ribbons, crystals, beads, yarns and other wonderful things I have collected on my journey. I then simply wait for inspiration to strike. Art is about the creative process and as an artist I explore all of these elements and more to create the unexpected. My designs include sun catchers, dreamcatchers, embellished journals, messages in bottles, delightful dollies, sachets, heart and soul prayer beads, and unique jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted with attention to detail and is infused with love.

My goal as an artist is to create something precious, intimate, and personal that my customers can enjoy every day. My hope is that as you explore my Etsy shop you will be inspired to let your own light shine, because, like me, you are a spark of the Divine.

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